Texts to lift you up!

About GodTexts...

GodTexts began as an encouragement tool for a few individuals that I knew personally. By word of mouth, it has been steadily growing day by day, and currently has over 100 members in just the first 6 weeks! Everyday, I receive new requests from people -- some that I have never met or spoken to personally-- people just like you, who want to receive reminders of God's word each day in a simple format. It is exciting to see what God can do and what He has in mind as He grows this ministry! So, pass it on to friends and relatives--anyone that may need encouragement or a little "God-lift" in their day, and just have them send me a text at

(904) 583-0933 or read the instructions on the right.

Together, let's spread the Word (and the texts!)


Hungry for God's Word? Want some encouragement throughout your day? Welcome to GodTexts!