Texts to lift you up!

GodTexts has spark a whole new idea!

I received a text from a GodTexter about a month after GodTexts got started. It was asking for prayer for a friend who was very sick. I immediately sent it out to all the GodTexters, so show her some support. Within hours, I received multiple responses saying that they would be praying, and I also received multiple responses asking for prayer. So I made a deal with those asking for prayer. And here is the deal to you too....

To receive GodTexts doesn't cost you anything, right? Well, that's not so true for PRA. No, I'm not asking for your money, I'm asking for your support. The only qualifications to be in PRA is that you promise to pray for every prayer request that is sent to you. You can send me as many prayer requests as you like, but it's between you and God to hold your side of the promise, and pray for the ones I send you.

That's it. I'll typically send out about 1-3 prayer requests a week, and it takes you just a minute to send up a quick prayer. You in?

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